Should I Do It?

Last year I signed up for a cute little exercise (I thought) called the A to Z Blog Challenge created by Arlee Bird from Tossing it Out and co-hosted by several wonderful authors.  It worked out well, since I tore my ACL on April 1st and was then laid up at home for a week or so. I got lots of work done on the challenge and enjoyed it immensely. I met some great people that I love to follow - Alex J. Cavanaugh (who has been a real source of encouragement for me in the year that followed) and A Wicked Stepmother is Born, just to name a couple.

What is the challenge? You blog the entire alphabet during the month of April. You are given freedom to do pretty much whatever you want, as long as each post begins with the corresponding letter for the day. Last year I chose a word for each day, I learned a lot of new words and it really was fun.

I haven't decided what to do this year. It's kind of like giving birth. The first time you have no idea what to expect.  Then you find out, and it's not too easy. But it's totally worth it because of the precious life you hold in your arms afterwards. The second time you decide to have a child, you remember it was hard work, but oh that precious life! So you go for it, and then along about 6 or 7 months you start waking up at night remembering . . . and you begin to wonder if you can do it now that you know what to expect. But it's too late, there's no turning back.  And the third time? Well, you start waking up in a cold sweat at about 3 months . . .

Now, is the blogging challenge as bad as giving birth? Well . . . no, but . . .

My husband says "don't do it - don't over expose yourself", but I think of all the cool people I met last time - and the affirmation I got from visitors . . . maybe I just won't tell him. Oh wait, that won't work, he's actually subscribed to my blog and gets it in his mailbox. Hmmm, maybe I'll unsubscribe him for the month.

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