Saturday Morning Newspaper

It is quiet this morning. My husband is at a Men's Breakfast, my kids are asleep, the dog is laying quietly by the fireplace (hoping I will start a fire today).

I am drinking a cup of coffee and have just devoured the front section of the newspaper. As much as I enjoy skimming the headlines on my browser's opening page, or getting news feed from a local television station or even my newspaper through Facebook - nothing quite matches the feel of a newspaper in my hands. This morning's edition seemed especially interesting with editorials by Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post, David Brooks and Paul Krugman of The New York Times. Not to be outdone our local columnist Betsi Robinson had a fun piece on kids, parents, and Facebook.

I gave up the newspaper for a time, thinking it was wasted money for all the days I don't get around to reading it - but I found I felt out of touch and really missed it - so back it came. It is a comfortable friend and I sincerely hope that paper newspapers stay around.  Besides -what else would I use to start the fire in the fireplace and make the dog happy?

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