Leap Day

February 29 - Leap Day. Somehow "Leap" day doesn't seem the right term, shouldn't it be "Extra" day or "Catch-up" day or something like that? Leaping isn't what comes to mind for "extra" time. I did find a site that tells superstitions and traditions which was interesting (click here). I also found one with all the technical information for why we need it (click here). My husband quit smoking on Leap Day (1988) several years ago, so he considers Leap Day to be a day of fresh starts or new beginnings.

For me, well, it's still Wednesday and all the regular stuff needs to get done, so it doesn't feel like an extra day or a new beginning to me. However, I am at the library ready to write, which I've started trying to do on Wednesdays since it is my "day off" from work. This branch sits on a slight hill and has lots of windows to look out on the trees and grounds. I can even hear the Canadian geese honking next to the window I am close to.

I am looking forward to the A to Z Blog Challenge in April (I am number 616) and am mapping out my strategy now. I haven't quite decided on my "theme", but I'm getting there. I think my first post is going to be entitled "Asparagus". You'll have to come back and see.

However you view today - I hope it's a good day. Happy Leap Day!

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