Progress Leads to Success

I did it. I finally managed to take my laptop out of the house to write. This is part of my New Year focus on getting my priorities set up. I plan to write outside the house at least once a week. It is the third week in January and this is the first time I've managed it, but hey - at least I'm here now. This is not a new idea, in fact a friend of mine wrote about it last year.

I managed to snag a table and chair by the window. In front of me are all the stacks filled with books. There is a fire in the fireplace to my right, I may have to change seats later to be able to look at it better. Out the window to my left I see a bare tree with four cardinals sitting watching the world around them. A cold wind blows the empty bird feeder beneath them. This is great, why haven't I made this happen before? Having a job is no excuse, this is NECESSARY.

In some ways I guess it's a bad day for it, since I am being encouraged to join the SOPA Strike and blackout my site for the day. But, I'm not going to. I haven't done enough research into the bills to join a strike just for strike's sake. So, I'll put some links in here so we can all learn more about this proposed legislation - and then I'm going to work on my book that has been neglected for far too long.

Movement forward is progress and progress leads to success. I wish you progress today.

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