Beyonce, Kate, and Babies

So, Beyonce and Jay-Z had a baby, Blue Ivy, this week. This was greeted with almost as much attention as Kate Middleton (actually I guess her last name isn't Middleton any more - anybody know what it is?) turning 30 and the speculation of when she'll get pregnant. I wonder why we have such fascination with celebrities having children? We all rejoice when our friends have babies, and ooh and ah, but there seems to be this unexplained awe when a "celebrity" enters parenthood. I wonder why?

All I know is, famous or not, the work begins when the kid arrives. Dirty diapers, teething, unexplained crying, learning the word "no", fussy naps. On the other hand, the rewards of those little arm hugs, the sweet weight of a sleeping baby on your shoulder, the wet spot where they snuggle against your neck, the smile when you enter the room, the beat of their heart against your own.

Welcome to parenthood Beyonce and Jay-Z. I hope it is all you expect, and more. Kate and William? Hope you join us soon.

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