When Did This Happen?

What! NO WAY! Can't be!

Yesterday at church my two youngest (15 and 12) sang the third verse of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" after the third Advent candle was lit. It was sweet, fun, I was proud, etc.,etc., but what got me was when someone made the statement somewhere during the morning that it was EXACTLY TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.

What? Say not so! Two weeks can't possibly be long enough to celebrate Christmas! We just got the tree decorated, the mantle done, and the Christmas cards out. I need months to soak up the glow of Christmas tree lights and the warmth of the fire (from the fireplace - not the tree on fire or the lights shorting out). I have more than two weeks worth of Christmas movies to watch. This just isn't right. I understand why more and more people are hazing over Thanksgiving. Time just goes too fast.

Maybe we'll celebrate until Epiphany this season - January 6.

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