Red One, Blue One, Yellow One

"Red One" punch
"Blue One" punch
"Yellow One" punch

Punch Buggy is a game our kids play with each other and with us.  Rules have been declared and mutated over the years. I know there are "official rules", but we don't follow them. How they play with me is different than how they play with their father and how they play with each other. The game adapts according to "need".  As in, if the brothers are playing each other or with their father - the punches are hard. If they are playing with their sister, they are medium. If they are playing with me, they know only "taps" are allowed. An "old-fashioned" bug gets two punches, and you must call the color of the beetle also.

It seems like I always see tons of  VW bugs when NO ONE IS WITH ME than any other time. It isn't fair. Isn't that the way it always is? You see more bugs when you are alone, you think of great response lines when you are alone, and you think of great posts to write when you are driving . . .

But just when it seems hopeless, you have a streak of punch buggy sightings and beat everyone in the car in calling them out, you get that perfect one liner out without even thinking about it, and you sit down at the computer and the words flow out.

It all happens just often enough to keep you going . . .

"Green One" punch

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