Pinterest and Liars

I have discovered a new website to become addicted to. It's called Pinterest. It's like looking at a hundred (no, make that a thousand) magazine pictures at one time. You get to create your own bulletin boards where you can "pin" things you like. There is a Pin It button you can grab and put on your Google Chrome bookmark bar and then when you find things you like on any site (Amazon, shopping sites, etc.) you "pin it" to your board. Or you can repin other things you find on Pinterest. It's fabulous.

In other news, I discovered last Friday what an accomplished liar my oldest son is. He had me shopping for his sister's birthday present since he would miss it (he's away at college) and he called her all week being extra sweet since he wouldn't be here for the first time. I talked to him a couple of times on Friday finding out exactly what he wanted me to do.

There we were in the middle of a sleepover (she had 3 friends over) and about 11:15pm my husband suddenly darts outside into the carport and I see tail lights pull into the driveway (the girls were watching Rango). The kitchen door opens and in slides my son. He's managed to work out a ride home. His sister didn't see him yet so he darted down the hallway and dumped his stuff in a room then came back to the living room. At this point she sees him and just stands there and stares. She's pretty sure she's asleep and dreaming. It took us a few minutes to convince her that she was awake, he was real, and it was okay to hug him.  He stayed the whole weekend.

It seems a funny thing to say, but I'm glad I raised a liar.

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