12? No Way!

Day 1:  "It's a girl!" (doctor)
Day 2: "She's okay, don't worry about the blueness in her face. She just had a hard and fast trip down the birth canal. I've put a note on her bassinet so the nurses won't panic." (doctor)
Day 3: "We shouldn't take her home, it's dangerous there" (dad)

Tomorrow our third and last child, our only daughter, turns 12. It seems incredible that time has gone by so swiftly. Raised with two brothers fully committed to making sure she is ready for the "real world", she is strong and confident. Her father makes sure she can articulate her position on any argument, being a "girl" doesn't let you off the hook from using your brain. I am charged with helping her learn to fully enjoy her femininity while navigating through issues of appropriate dress, speech, attitudes, relationships, and more.

The weekend will be pure fun, with friends over for a sleepover, homemade pizzas, movies, makeovers, and crafts. A family dinner with extended family (and daylight savings time giving us an extra hour of sleep) will add to the merriment of the occasion.

Everyone always asks me if the reason we had a third child was because I wanted a girl. I always say no and truly mean it. I just felt like we weren't done, and indeed I can't imagine life without three kids. But if I am asked am I glad our third one turned out to be a daughter, the answer will ALWAYS be yes. She is the frosting on the cake.

Happy Birthday Emma!

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