Thorns, Hairs, and Dark Glass

I have a confession to make. I have a recurring problem. It is one of my "thorn in the flesh" issues (like the Apostle Paul mentions in scripture). No matter how many times I deal with it, it comes back. What is it? It is a chin hair. You chuckled, I heard you! You thought, or even said out loud - "so what?" or worse yet, "she must be ancient!".

I typically find it while I am on my way to work, or sitting at my desk. I pull and tug at it, wishing for my fingernails to be longer or stronger to grab hold of the invisible hair that I can feel more than I can see. If I am in the car I look in the vanity mirror at stoplights for it - which causes a whole different problem when the bright sunlight shows every wrinkle, every dry spot, every flaw. I then wish that I was "looking through a glass darkly" as St. James warned us against.

While my chin hair is humorous (or at least I tell myself that), my other thorn in the flesh issue is not so funny. It's my need to be right. I keep thinking I've grown out of that, pulled it out by its root, and yet there I am driving to work or sitting at my desk or just falling asleep and I will suddenly feel it. Sometimes small, sometimes big, but always out of place, creating a bump where it should be smooth. So once more I dig at it, pulling, tugging, messing with it until I get it out. I keep thinking this will be the last time, but deep in my heart I know it's not.

So until the next time . . .

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