Jack O'Lanterns and Halloween

I grew up "celebrating" Halloween. Never gave it a second thought. My parents dressed me up (usually a nurse, a princess, a gypsy) and walked me around the neighborhood for the haul of candy. We'd get home and sort the candy. Chocolate was the best (of course). All coconut candy went to my Dad (I hated and still dislike coconut) and we'd divide up by who liked what. The first Halloween party I ever went to was given at my church. I remember bobbing for apples and getting candy. One particular date in high school was to a church Halloween party. It was no big deal.

Then in the 1990's Halloween became "off-limits". It was considered to be endorsing Satanism and and the era of "alternative Fall Festivals" began.

I respect whatever decision people make in this matter. I know people who feel strongly on both sides of the issue. For ourselves? We usually do a combination of Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat at our church and then a quick turn around our neighborhood, especially to the neighbors who know our kids by name. We let our kids carve jack o'lanterns and have even let our kids be "scary" creatures sometimes. This year we're down by one - though our college student did create a costume to celebrate as "Dennis the Constitutional Peasant" (Monty Python). Our middle child is "Jack Shepherd from LOST in surgical garb" and our daughter is a spy - on the line of Kim Possible (minus the bare midriff and red hair).

Whatever your opinions on this matter, I hope this is a pleasant day for you. If you're passing out candy - give out the good stuff! If you aren't, please remember to turn off your front porch light.

Remember that tomorrow is All Saints Day - take a moment to remember and pay respect to all the loved ones you know who have passed on this past year.

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