Hard Choices

My friend had to put her dog down this past Friday. It was one of those situations where there was no doubt it was the right thing to do, but he rallied on the last day and was having a "good day", making it that much harder to go through with the appointment. The days since have been difficult.  I thought about her a lot as I was walking Daisy this weekend and messing around with her. We've had her two months now and she's very much a part of my family now. I realize that someday I will most likely be in the same situation as my friend.

My father, who is 80, has expressed his belief that our country is headed toward a time when life will be judged by how expensive it is to "keep". He's not concerned for himself because he's 80 and feels he's had a long life, but he cares about others. I wonder how much money or effort I will expect my kids to spend on the length of my life. I hope they don't have to make those choices.

Our neighbors just went through a major medical bout with their 16 year old son's rare immune system disease, resulting in medical bills just short of 1 million dollars. I am grateful for the good health of my children so that I have not been faced with those decisions.

Another neighbor just suffered a stroke at church, but because their insurance doesn't cover an ambulance they had parishioners carry him and put him into the car and his wife drove him to the hospital. We just got notice that our health insurance is going up 22% (after going up 17% last year) because we changed age brackets (I hit 50 and my husband hit 55). This may soon be us.

Every where I look I see hard choices to be made. It can be overwhelming. I am glad I don't have to make these decisions alone, I am grateful for my Faith that helps me when life's hard choices come my way.

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