Gossip, who me?

My daughter's Girl Scout troop worked last night on their "Journey", the focus last night being on learning how and why to stop gossiping. The discussion was incredible, these 10 and 11 year old girls have quite a bit of insight into real life. I didn't have the heart to tell them this would be an ongoing project for the rest of their lives.

We talked about the difference between gossip, venting, sharing, etc., and that it can be a fine line between. We suggested that if they need/want to talk, talk to a parent or a responsible adult that they can vent with who will understand they just need to get it out.

It put me in my place though. I wonder how much my "venting" with my friends is actually gossip? I think it is only venting if it releases and you move on. If it just keeps it stirred up, then it is gossip.

Darn these young girls - the problem with working them is it pushes me to have to be a GOOD EXAMPLE, and since my daughter is one of them - they'll know if it's just words or if I am actually doing it (or at least trying) . . . aargh!

Here is the pledge I signed last night, care to join me?

The Gossip Ends Here Pledge

I pledge never to pass on gossip because (fill in your own reason here). Gossip is (fill in the blank) and (fill in the blank) and I don't do it.

Join me in putting an end to gossip.

(Your name here)                    (Date)

P.S. the next step is to tell people who are gossiping to you that you won't pass it on, nor will you listen.

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