COLLEGE Time Versus MY Time

It was late, I was tired. My husband had already gone to bed, the dog had been dragged out from under the bed and put in her kennel, and I had finally gotten my contacts out and my teeth brushed. With the covers just pulled up, the deck door slightly open to let in the newly cool night air, and the ceiling fan gently lulling me to a much anticipated state of slumber, I closed my eyes.

"Bubble, gurgle, bubble, gurgle," went the darkened computer from across the hall. I opened my eyes. Confusion held reign for a moment. "Bubble, gurgle, bubble, gurgle," called the computer once more. Recognition dawned, a Skype call was coming in. There is only one person who "Skypes" us - Him.

I got up and went across the hall. Turning the monitor on, I did indeed see that our oldest son was calling. Answering the video call I saw him spring into life. Laying on his bed, notebook in hand, looking fresh and wide awake. "We've gone to bed," was practically the first thing out of my mouth as I looked at the time clock on the computer - 10:58pm. "A startled look, "I'm sorry, I forgot about the time," was his repentant reply (this from the student whose earliest class is 10:45am 3 times a week and 1:45pm 2 times a week). We then proceeded to have a short conversation as my eye lids drooped. "I have to go to bed now son, I love you." I reluctantly cut the conversation short. "Okay Mom, talk to you later," was his easy going response.

Turning off the monitor, I headed back to bed, pulled up the covers, and once more drifted toward my state of slumber. Smiling, I realized that our son had embraced his new life, where COLLEGE time and MY time are two different things.

He's moving on.

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