Rice Krispies Treats

I was on the home stretch. The shopping list was mostly checked off, and I just needed to get some frozen foods. Cutting through the coffee and tea aisle I noticed the shelves lined with boxes of Rice Krispies Treats ready to be put in school lunch boxes. Before I knew what was happening my eyes teared up and threatened to spill out onto my cheeks. "Get a grip!" I told myself. "You never bought those for his lunch." Moving on down the aisle I made my way over to frozen foods.

Indulging in the convenience of frozen dinners for lunchtime meals for the kids while they are still on summer break, I counted out how many we needed and put them in the cart. My husband met me at the end of the aisle and we compared notes on the list. Looking into my eyes he asked, "What?" and my eyes once more filled up with tears and this time they overflowed. "What is it?" came the question. It took awhile for me to gain enough control to choke out, "I'm buying groceries with only two of our kids in mind." Now his eyes filled up and threatened to overflow.

Next Friday we will drop our oldest off at college for the first time.

I wonder what will trigger the next set of tears?

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