The Quiet World of Possibility

It's just me and the dog.

One kid presumably still asleep in his college dorm. One son on the bus to his sophomore classes in high school. One daughter about to get off the bus at her new middle school. One husband at a breakfast meeting. No television on, no music playing. Just quiet.

I am listening to the hum of my laptop, the occasional kitchen gurgles, the faint roar of traffic, the chirping of birds outside, and Daisy's nails clicking on the wood floor as she paces around looking for where everyone has gone.

I love the beginning of the school year. This is when it starts for me. Not January 1st. I even use an academic calendar instead of a "calendar year" calendar. The world is green with hints of gold and red as I look out my glass doors.

A world of possibilities are open before me.

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