Getting Through It

In 24 hours I will be driving in tandem with my husband taking our first born to college. All that is left today is the final Walmart run and packing his clothes. His room looks empty even though it isn't.

I feel like the day before he was born, waiting for labor to start. When our son was born I was as prepared as possible. I had taken the breathing classes, read books, and listened to other people. When labor hit I was not prepared for how it felt at all. However, everything I had been learning during my pregnancy did kick in and help me get through it.

I think tomorrow night I will feel the same way about this experience. I have read articles, listened to others who have been through this, and bought extra tissues. I expect I am not prepared for how it will feel at all, but will find I have learned a lot that will help me get through it.

I'll let you know.

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