Wasting Time . . .

Favorite ways to waste time . . .

Angry Birds - this is now available for free on Google Chrome. A very addictive and stupid little game, but I do enjoy it, a great way to work out some aggressions without hurting anyone.

Gardens of Time - this is a great little game much like a "I Spy" game available through Facebook. Unlike Angry Birds you need neighbors to expand your garden so that you can build as much as you would like. I do enjoy this game a lot.

Roku - ever since we got the Roku box we have watched tons of old series and documentaries and such through Netflix streaming. We've been able to share old shows with our kids, watch missed series, and learn new things.

Kindle books - reading free books is great, I love to look through Amazon's list of free classic collections and download them. Another option is to go to Booklending.com and borrow a book from someone else for free.

Blog hopping - after you read this blog, go to the top and hit the "next" button - who know what you will find? Or of course, you can look to the right hand side of this and check out the blogs I have listed.

So, next time you have 15 minutes to kill (or 3 hours), try one of these options. Don't think of it as wasting time, but as using a different time of your brain.

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