A Change is as Good as a Rest

About 10 years ago vacation meant doing all the same things I did at home, just in a different place. There were diapers to change, meals to make, bedtime rituals, and housework.  The benefit was the view and still a bit of tan (we generally went to the beach). And the words of Thomas the Tank "a change is as good as rest" were our mantra.

Then entered the years of exploration. Vacation trips to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, Philadelphia and New York City, Niagara Falls and Gettysburg, Disney World, Los Angeles and San Francisco fill our photo albums (okay,they aren't ALL in photo albums . . .). Long weekend trips to the beach. Hotel maids, restaurant service, and airlines were all luxurious.

This year we headed back to the beach for a week. Along with our three kids we brought three others - a friend for each. They are all great kids, and the week has gone smoothly. However, I feel like I went into time warp. Though there were no diapers to change , there were meals to make (4 teen boys eat a lot!), rituals observed, and the kitchen never seems to be clean for more than 10 minutes.

Once again the benefit is a bit of a tan, a great view, and indeed a "change is as good as a rest". However, I found out something new about myself. As much as I love sitting on the beach and getting a tan, this year I found that sitting on the front porch rockers and sipping coffee every morning was the most therapeutic of all. I usually had about half an hour to myself, then my husband would join me and we'd talk. It has been my favorite part. I learned that my life is never the same and yet always the same.

Vacations - good for everyone, no matter what it is.

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