A Bother of a Bracelet

I have this fantastic bracelet which I absolutely love. I wear it as often as I can, it's silver with an interesting design and this really cool magnetic clasp.

However, the magnetic clasp comes loose at various times, and I have lost this bracelet an untold number of times. In fact, as I was walking to my car in the Target parking lot yesterday it came off while I was getting my keys out of my purse. I didn't notice and fortunately the lady walking behind me found it and I got it back.

So why do I keep wearing it? Because it came from my mother. When we went through her jewelry after she passed three years ago, I was drawn to this bracelet. It has turned out to be rather challenging to wear and not lose it. I do of course have the option only wearing it on special occasions, but I really like wearing it for "everyday" wear. So I wear it on a regular basis, put up with the bother, and hope there will be someone around to return it when I lose it.

I am willing to do so because it means something to me. It's like some of the relationships in my life, they may be a bit of a challenge at times, but they mean something to me and it's worth the bother.

I'm glad I have this bracelet to remind me. To remind me of my mother, to remind me that sometimes a bother is worth it, to remind me that life isn't always easy.

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