Beards are Sexy

I have always liked beards on men. When I saw a picture of the man who was to become my husband, I was immediately attracted to the fact he had a beard. It turned out that my husband has had a full beard since way before we met. Somewhere along the way he told me he quit shaving in college as some form of political protest.  I didn't care why, I just knew it was sexy.

Through the years the beard has changed. It went from being dark, to salt and pepper, and then mostly salt. Sometimes it was a little long and bushy, other times super short.

The day before we left on this year's summer vacation, at the egging on of our 18 year old son who shaves and grows back his facial hair on a regular basis, my husband decided to shave.  Curiosity and an upcoming birthday overrode the college protest. As the faithful, supportive wife I told him he should do whatever he wanted. Inside I quivered with some degree of anxiety.

The difference was quite noticeable. Pictures were duly posted on Facebook for all to see, and off we went to the beach. After two days the kids told him he needed to grow it back, without it he was "like everyone else". After another day he said he was going to grow it back.

I was glad when my husband said he was going to grow back his beard. I think it's sexy and it's how I have known him our entire life together.

Then we got back from vacation and he changed his mind. He's decided to keep shaving for awhile. He knew I wouldn't be happy about it.

I realize that while we give each other tons of grace to grow and change, I still had him in an invisible box. He needs a change, I need to let him. The kids are wrong - the beard isn't what sets him apart from everyone else. It's his character, his integrity, and his faith that set him apart.

I wonder how many other people I have in an invisible box? Maybe I'll open some lids today.

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