Thursday Tidbits

Yesterday I was at my Dad's visiting and I asked him what kind of plant he wanted me to get for his front porch (well, it's not really a porch, not a patio, a stoop?) Guess what he asked for? A sweet banana pepper plant and a pot of marigolds. I'll be headed to the nursery this weekend.

On my front porch I have no plants, on my back deck my daughter has two tomato plants, a pot of mixed flowers, and a marigold plant. She has the green thumb inherited from both her grandmothers (it seems to have skipped me).

Ten days until our oldest son graduates from high school. Can't wait!
Six weeks until our family beach vacation. Why is it that 90 degrees at the beach is workable but at home I want to stay in the air conditioning?

Have a Therapeutic Thursday!

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