Summer is HERE

What a week it has been! My oldest son is now a high school graduate and has already completed his student orientation at his next place of learning (UNC Asheville). My middle child went and came back from his first camp of the summer (Campus Life High School Reunion) and is packing today for a week of Boy Scout Camp (starts tomorrow). My daughter graduated from 5th grade and is now officially a middle-schooler. I had my last physical therapy session for my knee and "graduated" to almost normal (I see my orthopaedist next week for a final evaluation).

The summer awaits me, no I take that back, it is HERE! Time to stop talking about what I'm going to do and start doing it! This means getting back to my writing. I have been "off" for about three months now (except for blogging - which I LOVE to do). I realized that one of the necessary components of writing for me is to be reading (which I have not been doing much of). SO, I just finished The Red House Mystery by A.A. Milne and am now reading Her Last Letter by Nancy C. Johnson (I borrowed it on Kindle through BookLending.Com).

Look out Louisa May (see work in progress) - I'm going to finish your story!

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