And the SHOES have it!

I started a new hobby a few years ago, We were standing in line at the Empire State Building and for any of you who have gone, you know it can be a LONG wait. We had taken the family to New York City for a whirlwind three days and on the very first night decided to go to the Empire State Building. With nothing else to do, I started looking at people's feet. Now, at first this was just to pass the time, but then it became a curiosity. I mean, here we were in our sensible sneakers ready for foot action, and yet I saw high heels, flip flops, slides, sandals, just about everything. I would look at the shoe and then slide my eyes up to see the person. Quite surprising at times. The next day we went to the Statue of Liberty and again, with LONG lines, it was something to do. Again, quite surprising what people wore on their feet (and not just the little kids) when they knew they were going to be mostly standing and walking. My husband is quite adamant about wearing sensible shoes on such outings, but last year I took a stand. We were headed to California and while I did indeed have my sensible sneakers, I also took my TEVA sandals to walk in, and I must say they were quite comfortable. Standing in line for Alcatraz I saw my first Five Finger shoes, what an eye-catcher!

This week I was driving downtown and seemed to get stopped at every stoplight. Once again I found myself looking at women's feet who appeared to be on their way to work. I saw sensible shoes, flat horrible flipflops, ridiculously high heels (which by the way make your butt stick out), and nice wedges that appeared easy to walk in.

Made me wonder, why do we pick the shoes we do?  Just a curious thought, so next time you find yourself killing time standing in line or waiting at the stoplight, look at the feet around you and ponder - why?

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