Am I a Boxtox Mom?

Most of us (moms at least) have been outraged (or some degree of disbelief) over the mom who allegedly gave her eight year old daughter botox injections  (and apparently virgin waxes) for a beauty pageant, or read with interest about the parents who decided to give their seven year old daughter plastic surgery because her ears stuck out in order to prevent bullying.

Does cream hair removal / waxing / plucking of my 11 year old daughter's uni brow put me in the same arena? We've been doing that since she was in the second grade. I don't really question it, but I wonder - what pushes us toward that line? There is a growing outcry over the sexualization of young girls, which many of us have discovered while trying to shop for clothes for our young daughters the last few years. Ambercrombie Kids recently caught some flack for their new bikinis (this is for girls age 7 - 12) featured a push up bra which they they removed agreeing it was too young.

What makes mom (or dad) decide to make these choices? For me, the uni brow wasn't too hard of a choice. When her brothers started laughing and teasing about it, I knew it was time. But what would push me toward the line of botox, plastic surgery, adult styled clothes, and such?

Perhaps if I am trying to project myself through my daughter? Something to think about.

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