A Week Without

courtesy solarnavigator.net
I didn't mean to go a week without saying anything, it just kind of, happened. In reflection, I think that was a good thing.

I loved participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge, and I was successful. However, I think I needed the break afterwards to think before I write. Blogging covers such a broad spectrum of writing. It can be a cathartic journal, a calendar of "what I'm doing", or it can be articles, ranting and raving, recipes, weight loss record - just about anything.  For me, it is a blending of many things.

However, like I tell my kids - if you talk all the time it is easy to start saying nothing. Your time is precious and I have a renewed goal of making this blog worth your time to read.
It's Monday morning and we're all trying to get going, so I'll leave you with this -
Success is never final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill

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