Easily Distracted

I read with interest a blog post over at A Wicked Stepmother is Born this morning. You should read it, it's all about the need to take 30 seconds for yourself in the midst of the regular chaos of life.
I understood her post completely. While I think my circumstances are different, the results are much the same.

I am easily distracted. A conversation with my husband, debates with my kids, a good television show - many things derail me from my good intentions. Perhaps if I were a Type A personality much more would get done, but I'm not. The problem, (for me) as I see it, is other people. No matter how detailed my plan for success, it rarely allows for the variable of other people.

Plans look good on paper, making them work in reality is another issue.

Lest you think I am beating myself up, let me assure you I am not. I like who I am and love my life. I just need to "tweak" things to get to the goals I am setting.

Expect the next few days of posting to reflect this. Perhaps this will encourage you to address some questions in your own life.  Let's grow together.

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