Z + owie = ZOWIE

zow·ie  interj \ˈza-ē\—used to express astonishment or admiration especially in response to something sudden or speedy

Here we are at the end of the April A to Z Blog Challenge. Zowie! While this has not been "speedy", I am astornished at what I have learned from this experience. I know I have not processed it all, but will work on it this weekend, so that I can participate in the Reflection Monday (May 2) that the organizers have asked all partcipants to consider doing. By then I hope to have made some decisions about the direction of this blog and my writing. For those that have visited I hope you have found something to enjoy. I went from about 100 Google Friend Connect followers and 84 Feedburner readers to over 200 followers and over 150 readers. Doing this wasn't really about increasing my numbers, but it was about discipline and finding out more about myself and writing. However, the number increase is a really nice "perk".

I'll see you on Monday (I hope you'll come back) with my reflections. Thanks for coming on this ride with me. Zowie!

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