T + esseract = TESSERACT

[tes-uh-rakt]   –noun the generalization of a cube to four dimensions.
What? Huh? One of my favorite books is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle. I don't even pretend to understand the science aspects of the story, but it is such an intriguing and well written story. I love the way science and a bit of faith are all mingled in together. A tesseract is described in the book as being a way to time travel. I don't know how the cube shown has anything to do with time travel, but that's okay - I don't need to.

Science was not my particularly strong subject in high school. I made A's and B's, but anything past Biology 101 was of no real interest to me, and fortunately (for me) graduation requirements at the time (back in the day as my kids like to say) only required two years.

In spite of that, I like the Science Fiction genre - be it books, movies, or television shows. What I like are the possibilities that it portrays. Whether you liked the original Star Trek series or not, you must admit it is uncanny the things that are now common place that were only props in the show (communicators - cell phones, Yeoman Rand's tablet - iPad, phasers - lasers, etc.)

I like the way good writers use their knowledge of the genre they write in. As a reader I don't have to know- if they are indeed good.

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