K + illjoy = KILLJOY

[kil-joi–noun a person who spoils the joy or pleasure of others; spoilsport. Everyone hates a killjoy. You know the one, the one who always brings reality into the conversation about your dreams and aspirations, or tells the end of the movie, or makes a point of not liking anything the rest of the group does.My children think I'm a killjoy (of course they think their father is an even bigger killjoy). You know, the one who says you have to clean your room, do your chores, finish your homework, etc. I don't particularly like being a killjoy, but that's the price you pay for being a parent.My doctor was a killjoy yesterday. I felt so good. My knee felt better, I drove and went to work for the first time in over a week, and life was good. I got home, listened to my messages and fell right into despair. My MRI results were back. A torn ACL and two bone fractures. Keep the weight off your leg and keep it iced. We'll talk on Thursday at your appointment. I pouted for about four hours. I vacillated between anger and pity.Then I decided I had a choice. Sometimes a killjoy is not out to destroy your good time, but to put you on a path to ensure future good times. Perhaps I won't be mad at my doctor. I mean, it isn't as if he pushed me down the steps. I didn't even know him before this!My husband said to look at it as a gift, no reason now for me to not finish the re-write of my book - I will have the time.Perhaps you've had killjoys in your life that actually gave you a gift, though it may not have looked like a gift at the time. Think about it.

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