H + indsight = HINDSIGHT


[hahynd-sahyt] –nounrecognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., after its occurrence.  www.dictionary.com

"They" say that hindsight is always 20/20. I'm not so sure about that, but it certainly does, at times, offer a different view of a situation than when we were in it. I think hindsight can be both a blessing and a curse.
Sometimes we look back and we can see all the warning signs of a situation going bad that we didn't see at the time. The value of that is hopefully learning from it so that if the same warning signs come up, we avoid the same mistakes. However, at times looking back only fills us with doubt and wondering what might have been and longing for a supposed better path our life might be on.  Two examples from my life:1. I was engaged at the age of 18 and moved rapidly toward marriage. Thankfully the plug was pulled on the relationship before marriage vows were exchanged. Looking back I could see the warning flags and was able to identify those things in the future and move away from harmful relationships.2. Because of #1 I choose not to go to college, a decision I regret to this day. Looking back I can see all the wrong decisions I made around that, but dwelling on it doesn't teach me anything, it just makes me feel bad. (Well, of course I learned something, so all is not lost)Now, in all of it - I can say both of those things worked out well. If my life had taken a different path - I wouldn't be where I am now and I LOVE being where I am. I am married to a wonderful man, have three terrific children, and am content in my life.The point is, use hindsight wisely.  If you can look back and learn something to help you in the present and the future - do. But if looking back pulls you into the quicksand of despair and regret - don't.

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