G + imcrack = GIMCRACK

Grandma would have loved these
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gimcrack\ JIM-krak \ , noun;
1. A showy but useless or worthless object; a gewgaw.

Grandma had a HUGE salt and pepper collection that she had collected through the years. Any place she visited the first thing she looked for in the gift shop was a salt and pepper shaker set for her collection. Any place that WE visited the first thing we looked for was a salt and pepper shaker set to take home to her. It had to be a good one though, if she didn't like it, she wouldn't buy it just to say she had. These were rarely used for their intended purpose, they sat on a special shelving unit that my (grand)Pa built just for her. Some were ceramic, some china, some plastic. Some were beautiful, some were gaudy (though NEVER vulgar). Some were cheap, some were expensive.

In the strictest sense of the word, they were gimcracks. But then again, they brought pleasure to my grandma - so they weren't worthless or useless. And the memory of them brings me pleasure, so they had a purpose in my life too.

I wonder, perhaps we shouldn't judge something to be a gimcrack quite so quickly - who knows what value or purpose it might hold for someone else?

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