F + ugacious = FUGACIOUS

fugacious\ fyoo-GAY-shuhs \ , adjective;
1. Lasting but a short time; fleeting. http://www.dictionary.com/

Forsythia blooms are so fugacious. I love seeing them burst into yellow profusion, but then they are too quickly gone. My spurts of creative energy tend to be fugacious. I burst into action like the blooming of the forsythia, but then before I know it my blooms are gone and only the green stems of life are there.

I am learning how important those green stems of life are though. If the bush is not kept healthy the rest of the year, the yellow blooms will not come. Or what does come is weak and unappealing.

Though a forsythia only blooms for a short while, its beautiful profusion of color imbeds itself in my memory and I anxiously await its next showing. I hope my work will someday be like that - that it will be worth the wait. That means that I must tend to the bush (my life) the rest of the time, like writing when I don't feel like it, pruning away the deadweight of my efforts, watering the seeds of creativity through artistic exposure, and taking care of myself in all the areas of my life, keeping it all in balance.

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