E + picene = EPICENE

ep·i·cene [ep-i-seen] –adjective
2. flaccid; feeble; weak: an epicene style of writing.

Looking at this word, I think of how subjective it is.  How many times have you read something that you thought was pretty pitiful, and someone told you how wonderful it was? I happened to really enjoy reading "The Shack", as did a bunch of other people, and yet I know people who thought it was really epicene. How do you determine if your own writing is strong or weak?

I have come to discover that one of the values of a writer's critique group is that it can push you to the edge. I am fortunate to be in an "eclectic" group - meaning we have short stories, novels, fairy tales, children's books, poetry - all kinds of things being turned in and reviewed. It's great! We push each other to strong, confident writing, whether we like all the genres or not.

I wonder if we could also use epicene to describe ourselves? A flaccid, feeble, weak life. Hmmm, that's one of the reasons I blog. It helps keep me observant, inquisitive, and opinionated (I have to write something). As much as I hate conflict, I hope my writing (or my life) will never be described as "epicene".

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