C + osset = COSSET

cosset\ KOSS-it \ , transitive verb;
1. To treat as a pet; to treat with excessive indulgence; to pamper. definition from http://www.dictionary.com/

This weekend I learned what cosset means by example. I have been pampered, catered to with every whim, and definitely treated with excessive indulgence. How did the happen? It all started with a fall. I took a fall on the back steps at my daughters school and before I knew it I had sustained a "right knee collateral liagment fracture". What that means is that I could not stand on my right leg, my knee "wobbled" every time I stood up. Eventually I was able to get home where my husband iced it down and then we went to an Urgent Care to get a diagnosis. We were unable to see our regular doctor because there was nothing open until later in the afternoon and they couldn't work us in. (It seems that a lot of the doctors take off on Friday so they have light coverage - a post for another time)

I'd much rather give care than receive care.  It is hard to admit I need the help. I feel like I am being slack (until I try to stand up). Fortunately I have a family that laid down the law as soon as it happened. My husband and kids are fantastic and the offers of help from friends have been flowing in. My daughter made me breakfast in bed, my husband (who had to be out of town part of the weekend) called me every little bit, my mother-in-law went grocery shopping for me (and brought me dinner Friday night and a Frosty), my sons took care of my every whim. Okay, I started to like it, but only for this season!

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