B + abble = BABBLE

bab·ble/ˈbæbəl/ [bab-uhl] –noun
 7. foolish, meaningless, or incoherent speech; prattle.
Definition taken from dictionary.com

I find that I tend to babble when I am feeling anxious, scared, nervous, or insecure. I understand when I do that and when others do that. It's relatively easy to spot and correct.

However in the quest to blog, it can be easy to just babble.  Looking back over my blog I can see plenty of times when there has been no real point to the post, and I'm okay with that. But now I'm looking forward and I want to do less babble. More postings with substance. Maybe even take some chances (I've been practicing on a few like my Tiger Mom post and I even got action on Bill Gates and the Amish which I didn't expect) by posting on things that might create "gasp" controversy. The A to Z Challenge is giving me plenty of opportunity this month!

I hate conflict, but I think writers have the ability to provide talking/thinking points for people so that real conversation can take place - and relationships and action follow out of that.

Just some thoughts on babbling (which I may have done some of since I am on pain medication for an injured knee).

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