Yard Sale Saturday

Do you ever go to yard sales to find that ultimate bargain, or to just get out of the house and poke around? There are those who go "yardsale-ing" every week, and others who just try it once in a while. Our local newspaper has a yard sale category where you can see a list by zipcode of those who are holding a yardsale.  The serious followers have their maps and plan out their whole route.

How about going on a virtual "blog yard sale"? I've mapped out a route for you to take to find some bloggers you might not have found yet.  Some are new bloggers, some have been blogging a while but just haven't been found by many people yet. Poke around today (it is an eclectic mix), you just might find that perfect blog you want to follow.  Try it - it's free! What a bargain!

P.S.  I've **starred the ones who I know will be participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge in April
P.S.S. I'll try and post another "yard sale" next month

Hope Faith & Life

Mercys World

**Follow Your Gnose

**Unloading My Brain to Fill it Again

**Coming Back Into Life

The Hole in the Ceiling

Sand Castles and Snow Forts

**A Wicked Stepmother is Born

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