Wednesday Whirlwind

Last night I attended the Upwards Basketball Awards ceremony for my daughter.  She played in the 5th-7th grade girls division and had a good time. Upwards is a Christian based program that our church has been involved with for about 8 years.

We are fortunate to be able to use the Carolina Theatre in downtown Greensboro which is beautiful.  The ceremony had a fun 15 minute video presentation of the kids playing, the cheerleaders got up and did their thing, and then our 3rd-5th grade children's choir sang (my daughter had a solo verse and I was very proud of her performance).

There was a special speaker that I had not seen before.  His name was Jason Anthony and he is a chalk artist.  Starting with a black canvas, he created a beautiful picture in about 15 minutes.  The lights were very down in the theatre and he worked with a spotlight and music playing.  When I saw him put on the face mask, I began to wonder.  Soon the chalk dust was flying, clouds billowed around him as he would put the chalk on and then brush and move it around. His talent and presentation was amazing. Go to his site and check out his video and pictures.

As for today, I've written the check for my eldest son's college enrollment and am mailing it off.  I'm making two Girl Scout deposits and then headed to work at Kids Voting. Tonight I've got to finish my critique group work and take two kids to their respective commitments while my husband takes a college quiz for his online class. My eldest?  Who knows, he's probably got two places to be at once. Life is full - but very rich!

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