Unsafe Bloggers

Since I became a blogger I have noticed that I look at things slightly different than I used to.  Anything is susceptible to becoming a blog post.

A recent 10 minute drive to work provided:

The driver in front of me wasn't doing the speed limit, never mind the "allowed" five miles over.  I couldn't pass as there was traffic in the other lane. As I started to fuss I remembered a recent drive when I realized my mind had drifted and I was driving about 10 miles under the speed limit.  Hmmm . . . a post about grace?

The traffic lights are out and police are directing traffic at a major intersection.  Surely there's something I can make from that. Hmmm . . . Unexpected glitches in life and the people who show up to help?

Filling the bird feeder on the back deck:

Squirrels are like the people who show up church you didn't really invite. At church we don't always get to "feed" who we want, but who actually shows up.

Wonder what  or who I'll write about next?

Where does your inspiration come from?

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