Xanadu - Olivia Newton John
My daughter is in Girl Scouts and has just started on a "Journey" badge. This particular one is called AMuse, and the purpose is to discover the roles she currently has and what roles are possible in her future. A good exercise in dreaming, thinking, and stretching outside the box. The title is a play on words I think, as in amuse (they will be playacting some) and it was explained that a "muse" is something/someone that inspires you.

It got me thinking, what or who is my "muse"? What inspires me? Where do I turn when the ideas aren't there? When I first started writing it was always "when inspiration hit". That was easy.  Then a friend asked me to join a critique group (thanks Donna!), and I decided to get serious. My writing took on a whole new dimension in my life. I try to write something daily (at least get a blog post out). I wonder though about inspiration, if I am disciplined in writing, does that mean a "muse" isn't needed? I think it is.  I just need to decide what it is.

What do you do?

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