Monday Morning Madness

I must be mad.  Not mad as in angry, but mad as in nuts, crazy, insane, looney, off my rocker, etc. What was I thinking? Signing up for the A to Z Blog Challenge seemed like such a fun thing to do a month ago - now it starts Friday! There's a rich irony in the fact that it starts on April FOOL'S Day. I had so much time to prepare, I talked friends into it (hi Linda, Ivy, and Jane). The discipline will be good I told myself. I'll meet new people, enrich my blogging world, learn new things. I'll use the scheduling option so that I can write them all ahead of time and sit back and read other people's posts.  But here it is Monday and I only have 10 of the 26 "planned", and only one (Friday's) completely written. I've heard what some others have planned and they sound so much more interesting than mine.

This is butterflies and doubts. This is normal. I will be (am) fine. It will come together. It isn't a competition. It is a personal challenge. We are all friends here. I've decided that I DON'T want to write them all ahead of time - though I do want to have them planned (only 16 more to go) to make sure I keep up with my A to Z theme.

It isn't too late for YOU to sign up and jump in with me! There are now over 600 people doing this - that's incredible. Will I see you on the linky list? I intend to try and visit every blog at least once. Who knows what friends I'll make?  If you don't sign up for the challenge yourself, I hope you'll take advantage of the list (you can start now) and see if you can make some new friends.

Now for some very sweet, french vanilla flavored coffee in my favorite mug and my pen . . .

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