Just in Time for the A to Z Blogfest Challenge

We did it. After researching products and prices, watching for the sale of a lifetime, we jumped in the laptop pool yesterday. A sneak peak at Staples weekly ad on Saturday night turned up exactly what I'd been looking for. Sunday afternoon my husband went, only to watch the last one in the store walk out the door. Fortunately the manager was kind enough to order one from another store, it was delivered last night and this morning I went to pick it up.

Now I have no excuse for not writing. One by one my excuses for procrastination in developing my writing career are being stripped away and my feet (or fingers as the case may be) are being put to the fire (keyboard).

Time to start working on my April blog posts and the re-write of my children's book. I know I'm on track since I feel excited and energized. I'm posting a new prologue (rough draft) on my Work In Progress page soon (as soon as my children teach me how to highlight and copy without a mouse!).

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