Headed toward the "Finish" Line

In May of 2009 I started writing a children's book.  Grand visions of writing the next great children's novel on the likes of Harry Potter, Little Women, Chronicles of Narnia, or A Wrinkle in Time filled my head.  Well, sort of.  You see, I can't say I'd had this story sitting in my brain for 10 years or anything like that.  Its start was much simpler.  I joined a writer's critique group (we call ourselves Eclectic Fiction Writers) that my friend had started.  It seemed that a couple of people were working on a novel and I needed to turn something in to critique.  I had mainly, okay only, written creative non-fiction at that point.  But I got it in my head that I could write a children's book.  With much discovery along the way, I finally settled into writing a children's fantasy chapter book.  You can read the first two chapters here on my blog on the Work in Progress button. I haven taken much too long writing it, the NaNoWriMo challenge last November showed me that.  I am now committed to finishing my first draft by the end of this month. I say first draft because I have learned over this journey that you can't write the perfect book at one time. It takes review and rewriting.  I got bogged down because I was editing too much along the way (thank you EFW for helping me with that - you've been terrific!) and I realize I'm still going to have to edit anyway. I should have just written and then started the editing process.  But, that's how I'm learning along the way.

So two years after starting I'll have my first draft done. Then the real work begins.

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