George Clooney and Roseanne?

About a hundred years ago (okay - 1988) there was a television sitcom called "Roseanne" featuring newcomers Roseanne Arnold (later to become Roseanne Barr when she divorced her husband and took her maiden name back) and John Goodman. We used to watch it until the later years it got weird and just wasn't funny anymore.

We rediscovered it through Netflix streaming about a week or so ago. We laughed as we watched it, it's a little truer to life now that we're the ones with three kids, a mortgage, and life marching on.  In one scene Roseanne is at work (the plastics factory) asking for time off to go to a teacher's conference. She's talking to her boss who is a young man. Suddenly I said to my husband, "That's George Clooney!" He wasn't sure, but another turn of the head and full face look and yes indeed it was. Somehow the first thing I remember him from is E/R.

It's amazing to think of where people started - I wonder if someday this blog will be my "start"?

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