Friday Already?

What a busy week it has been!  On Monday and Tuesday I took our daughter to All County Chorus practice from 8:15 - 1:15 (I dropped her off).  Her music teacher from school was there to supervise (there were 3 from her school and about 200 5th grade students in all). Tuesday night she had her performance.  I also had a board meeting from 4:15 - 5:30pm on Tuesday so it was the mad dash to get everyone where they needed to be. My husband also had an elder board meeting that night so he came to the performance and then went straight to the meeting (he was late with everyone's blessing - family first!). Our eldest son had an IB Extended Essay Abstract reading that same night, so he went there and our middle son skipped his Boy Scout meeting to go support his big brother.

I had a full three days of work at Kids Voting, the board meeting on Tuesday night and getting ready for the Teen Leadership Summit on Saturday (I had lots of printing to do).

Thursday our daughter had a GO Far, an after school running club, meeting and then she auditioned for the school talent show.  In the meantime, my husband renewed our phone contract and got the boys and ourselves new phones (LG Cosmos - we now have Qwerty keyboards and unlimited texting!).  So last night was spent setting up preferences and playing to see how it all works.  Everyone is delighted.  The only problem is they all look alike, so I'm looking for some covers (cases) to individualize us.

Throughout all we've been making preparations to celebrate our firstborn's 18th birthday. What a scary delight!

Today it's work in the office (for my husband's business), maybe lunch with a friend whose birthday is tomorrow (but she just became a grandmother for the second time last night - so maybe not), and enjoy the 80 degree weather today.

And always, in the back of my mind, the A to Z Blog Challenge starting in April swirls around in my brain. I know lots of new people will be stopping by, I need to make sure it's worth their stop and that they see something they want to come back for. Pressure!

In light of the weekend celebration at my house, my Saturday and Sunday posts may or may not happen. Enjoy your weekend!

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