Wednesday Wonderings

I wonder if I'll grow old. (When I was a kid I thought 50 was old.)
I wonder what "old" is. (Now that I'm 50 . . .)
I wonder how many (if any) grandchildren I will have. (Have to let my kids grow up and get married first.)
I wonder if my children will be "hands-on" or "distant" when they grow up and leave home. (Who knows?)
I wonder why God loves me. (I know that He does, I'm just amazed at it.)
I wonder why I would be missed if I died tomorrow. (Hope it's not just because of the laundry or baking birthday cakes - I know it wouldn't be for my housekeeping.)
I wonder when I'll get published. (Need to finish that book!)
I wonder if my husband and I will really get to go on that Alaskan cruise for our 25th anniversary. (That's only three years away.)
I wonder if I'll ever get to live in New York City. (We have this fantasy of moving there when all the kids are gone and living in a one-bedroom flat in Manhatten.)
I wonder why anyone other than close friends and family read this blog. (Well, why do you?)
I wonder how I got three fantastic children. (They really are the greatest kids in the world.)
I wonder how I'm going to end this blog post. (The End.)

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