Valentine's Day Memories

Twenty-two years ago today.

(times approximate)6:00am Knock on my apartment door wakes me up.
6:01am Open door to find my boyfriend standing there saying - "get dressed, let's go" quite brusquely.
6:05am After using bathroom, brushing hair, putting on glasses (wouldn't even let me have time to put in contacts), we leave.
6:15am On his Alma mater college campus which I happen to live two blocks from. Walking around in the cold (not too cold) looking for a bench. Find bench under big oak tree and sit down.  He pulls out black velvet box and hands to me.  Inside is a gaudy fake diamond ring with duct tape to make it small enough for my finger. He says, "well, will ya?"  Crying I say yes, then he takes back the ring.  Then he gets down on one knee, pulls out a beautiful real diamond solitaire and proposes with tender words and great love.  Crying again, I say yes as he puts the ring on my finger.
7:00am Back to my apartment where he allows me to wash my face, put in my contacts and we're off again.  This time he takes me to a restaurant at the Marriott by the airport where we have a wonderful breakfast.
8:30am  I call in late to work, which is okay because my boss already knew what was happening.

I was 28 when this happened and this was definitely the BEST Valentine's Day EVER!

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