Twisting with Oliver

Somehow I missed reading several of the "classics" when I was in high school.  I was part of the generation that read more contemporary works, such as 1984, Animal Farm, On the Beach, and Centennial. I'm glad I did, but I wish I'd read a few more of the "traditional".

As a result, I have spent the last few years trying to read "The Classics".  I struggled through Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (which I was very glad I had when I saw Les Miserables on Broadway), slogged through The Scarlet Letter by Nathanael Hawthorne (how many words must that man use when the ending was plain to see within two chapters!), and have attempted and abandoned Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte about four times.  This week however, I finally finished Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Like many authors of his generation (1800's), he liked to use words, LOTS of words. My husband says its because there was no television, radio, or ipods to distract people - so all they had to do was read. Actually I found out it was published in monthly installments over a two year period, 1837 - 39, which puts a whole different light on the story!

I'm glad I finished the book, the story was worth the work, though I admit I felt a little like I did on my high school graduation day.  Seemed like a lot of set up for a quick ending . . .

What are you reading today?

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