The Last Song

Sunday afternoon my daughter asked me to watch a movie with her through our Roku box.  The movie?  "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus. She had seen it a few months earlier with a friend and wanted me to watch it.  I told her I'd try, but I might fall asleep on the couch.  That was okay with her.

We started watching and it seemed a fairly typical teenage romance movie.  You know the kind; rebellious girl gets put into new environment, finds a guy, turns nice, etc. My husband wandered in at some point and started watching with us, and even whispered - "teenage romance movie, right?"  I wondered, it was by Nicholas Sparks, and I had seen "The Notebook" which had some pretty deep themes hidden in it.

Once I was able to set aside thoughts of Miley Cyrus and her personal life struggles at the moment and focus on the story in front of me, I started to see some of the deeper themes and enjoy the movie. Some spots were pretty predictable, but others were unexpected.  While I struggled with some of the messages, I thought there were good messages too.  Like working through pain, making difficult choices, and caring about others.  I knew it was a good movie when my eyes were swollen from tears as the credits started rolling by.

Bottom line?  I'm glad I watched the movie and it made me want to read the book. I think it's a good story disguised as a teen movie.

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