What a Difference a Week Makes

It's Monday (in case you hadn't noticed) and I am looking out my office window at a cold, overcast sky.  My trees are bare and my grass is winter brown with a smattering of leaves that have blown in.  It's hard to believe that at this very time last Monday I was walking around Oranjestad with my MIL on one last walk through the city, absorbing the flavor of the culture and of course buying those last minute souvenirs.

Sonya and I at her shop
Sue and I were almost the first ones in the dining "room" at a little after 7am, it was even too early for the iguanas to join us.  By 8am we were headed across the boulevard (it was even too early for the golf cart between the resort hotels).  We met a charming local artist named Sonya, from whom I purchased some items that had actually been made on the island (the growing trend is to buy items from elsewhere and have them brought it).  Wandering around I got my last minute fill of the city with its colorful buildings and Papiamento language.

Back at the hotel before 11am and it was time to get ready to leave. It felt strange to put on jeans and stick my hoodie in my travel bag for later. A bus ride later found us at the airport where we checked in one more time.  Going through customs was unusual in that we actually went through American customs in Aruba.  A bit confusing (though not if we'd read the brochure they handed us when we checked in at the airline desk), we managed to make it through with plenty of time to make our 4pm flight.

It was interesting a few people get pulled out of line for the "extra pat down" as we were boarding, it seemed something about their passport didn't quite match their ticket. The real bit of excitement came as we were landing in Miami.  The attendant announced over the speaker that even though we had already been through customs and such, they would be doing an extra passport check upon disembarking, so please have it ready.  I didn't think much about it, just pulled it out and had it in my hand.  However, as we got off the plane, there to the side was a police officer and they had someone (from our flight I presume) in handcuffs.  We didn't know if he had been a stowaway or was a fugitive - but we were glad to see security had worked.

Sitting in a rainy Miami waiting for our flight home, I was ready. Ready to come home to my family.  As fun as it was to be away, and the great experience of traveling with "the girls", once I hit American soil I was ready to be home. Travel home was uneventful.  My brother-in-law picked us up and I was glad to be the first one dropped off.  The kids had stayed up waiting for me and their hugs and my husband's kiss were most welcome.

This is the end of the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise, oops . . . did it again.  It's not the Enterprise, nor is it the end.  I anticipate many more traveling adventures to come.

Have a good Monday!

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